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About Us

Ask the paint contractor is dedicated to anyone seeking answers to
Their questions that pertain to preparation and painting.

We welcome any painting contractor or any other paint industry expert to
Please help others by sharing your extensive knowledge of this complicated
subject. Paint.

You learn things over time. I’ve been a Tampa, Florida painting contractor for
30 years now. I’ve seen a lot of paint jobs. And worked with some of the very
best painters and they have showed me alot of their secrets that makes my
painting stand out from the crowd. I’ve taken what I have learned and made it
part of what we do to make every paint job we do be the best. That way I know
every job will go well, last a long time and look better than most of the
other paint jobs done by other contractors.

But since I’ve learned so much from others I want to share some of
that knowledge with others too. So here are a few quick tips for you to get you
started with.

Preparing a job is the most important part of the entire job. Way too many
people who paint skip much of the preparation. The result is a job that may
look okay to begin with but that will not last long at all.

It only takes a few minutes to toss a new coat of paint over an old one on the
side of your house and it will actually make that side of your house look fairly
good very quickly. It is really fun to see the paint change the look of
everything so fast but if you haven’t prepared the surfaces correctly it won’t
last very long and won’t even look right to begin with.

Just think about it. It is a whole lot more work for a Tampa, Florida residential
painter or a Tampa, Florida Commercial painter to do what should be done to
prepare but that’s the only way to do the job right. In order to do a job right
we have to do every step of preperation before we ever touch it with paint.

Joe Pullaro

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